Tuesday, August 07, 2012

N-of-8 helped articulate vision of Baxter as emerging leader in Regenerative Medicine

My work with the Cellular Therapies business unit of Baxter Healthcare Corporation is an important case study in which the N-of-8 tool helped articulate a vision of Baxter as an emerging leader in Regenerative Medicine.

As it was initiating a major Phase II clinical trial for the advancement of stem cell therapy, Baxter Cellular Therapies was preparing to exhibit at the 2006 American Heart Association’s annual conference. Although current interest in stem cell therapy was high, it was often misunderstood.

With a market early in its development, a novel approach was needed to differentiate Baxter Cellular Therapies from its competitors, all relatively small, unknown start-up companies. On the one hand, Baxter was uniquely poised to distinguish itself by lever- aging its size, scope, and name recognition.

On the other hand, the AHA meeting was dominated by giant players with mega-brands, leaving little room for early phase research to get noticed.

Metrics for success included:
  • Increased awareness and interest among interventional cardiologists
  • Established connections with new potential major investigators
  • Recognition of Baxter Cellular Therapies as a credible and trusted emerging leader in Regenerative Medicine
Instead of applying a traditional pre-marketing approach, we worked with the team at Baxter Cellular Therapies to find a different strategy using N-of-8.
  1. First, Baxter would position itself as category leader, one that would be seen as a central source of information in the field of regenerative medicine.
  2. Next, we would help co-brand a scientific booth with The Angiogenesis Foundation to establish third-party credibility with one of the foremost authorities in angiogenic therapeutics and research.
  3. Finally, we helped create a series of highly clinical, scientific presentations, enlisting an expert panel of investigators. As the main booth draw, these “live” and interactive presentations were presented every hour, on-the-hour, during the convention. These speakers are central to creating “evangelists” in the field to further establish interest in the Baxter research.
Prior to the convention, attendees received multiple e-invitations from the expert panel to learn about advances in cellular therapy trials and potential applications in cardiovascular disease.

During the conference, attendees were asked to complete a brief survey to assess the derived value of the information presented and to gauge their level of interest. In gratitude, attendees received a branded flash drive that contained unique graphics, teaching slides, and PDFs of 32 published clinical papers in cellular therapy.

Booth attendance exceeded the conference goals — achieving 5 times the desired traffic.

As a result, a database with more than 800 physicians at leading institutions was created with a majority of attendees requesting future updates from Baxter.  Equally important were the connections made with several potential major investigators.

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