Thursday, February 10, 2011

Obstacle to Innovation #5: Lack of a back-up plan – “If we do that and it doesn’t work, then what?”

A main reason people are skeptical toward innovation is insecurity.  “How is this going to affect me PERSONALLY?” is really the question. Perhaps this is a normal reaction, based on a personal experience with innovation turning bad.  I am not sure of the cause, but let me tell you, if you are insecure, you’ll have rough time with innovation.

I have worked with many people who fought against “that new idea that will make miracles” but who took their share of credit when it was implemented and proved successful.

For brand innovation leaders to overcome this obstacle, start by explaining the entire project plan.  Be patient, as it may require time for people to understand.  Stay open to refining the innovation considering team feedback.  And instill confidence, by reassuring people that they can indeed manage to deploy innovation faster and they build an innovation track record.

Particularly with N-of-8 methods, you can create a set of contigency plans as you proceed through the innovation process. That way your team can face the insecurity knowing there are alternatives.

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