Monday, June 02, 2008

12 Touchpoints to Move Your Convention Branding Forward...Fast

With the ever-increasing competition – and expense – of convention marketing, all brand teams are looking for new and different ways to maximize their efforts.

Nearly five years ago, I developed a strategic media approach to conventions designed to help brand communication managers stimluate interest, create a meaningful experience, and the extend the brand message after the meeting.

Here are the 12 touchpoints of my CONVENTION CATALYST approach:

1. Pre-Meeting mail
2. e-media
- event registration
- booth visit appointment
3. Onboard Airplane
- In-flight magazine ad
- In-flight TV commercial
- SkyRadio interview
4. Airport
- airport terminal billboards
- limo driver welcome signage
- baggage claim easels
5. Transportation
- airport to hotel shuttles
- hotel to convention buses
- bus head rest covers
- bus wrap
- shuttle schedule signage
6. Hotel Lobby
- entry display
- coasters in lobby
- signage in elevators
7. Hotel Room
- TV channel menu
- room key
- newspaper wrap
- door drop
8. Convention Center
- outdoor banners
- indoor banners
- registration bag
- segway promotions
- live marketing outside
9. Booth
- uniform shirts with logo
- branded name tag lanyards
- paper cup
10. Corporate Event
- Presenters from outside experts
11. Social Event
- CD release
- co-sponsored by entertainment or related brand
12. Follow-up
- post-meeting mailer
- letter from specific booth contact
- e-media appointment

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