Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Trying really hard to live with authentic leadership

I met with our staff today to have a very open discussion on the state of the business world – and the challenges we face in it.

Some of the thoughts are worth sharing with everyone who might read my blog.

1. Speaking the truth-- clear, honest, consistent assessment

2. Leading from the heart-- our business, our people, our clients; my feelings, my vulnerabilities, my purpose

3. Demonstrating character-- trust, listen, respect

4. Showing courage-- do what is right, not just what is easy

5. Building teams and community-- a positive workplace experience

6. Deepening ourselves --understand weaknesses, but overcome fear and play to strengths

7. Dreaming bigger-- knowledge & experience + imagination

8. Caring for ourselves-- physically well to operate at world-class levels of performance

9. Committing to excellence -- What would life look like if we raised the standards well beyond what anyone could ever imagine of us?

10. Leaving a mark-- to achieve our mission of "accelerating the adoption of new medical technologies"

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