Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Case Study: Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development

The advances of the Pharma industry mean very little if the drugs don’t get to the sick people. And in third world countries, crushing poverty and rampant malfeasance often prevent proper distribution of drugs to the people who need it.

Recognizing a need, Novartis has created a foundation that focuses on providing “pioneering health projects in developing countries aimed at achieving specific goals in the fight against poverty and disease as well as at inspiring and improving development policy and practice.”

One of the ways Novartis achieves their goals is through educational events. They recognize that the efforts must be taken to the people, into the remote villages. It is not just about drug costs and drug supplies. Access is an important key, as is education.

Events are a powerful tool in energizing a group to action. By creating a compelling presentation -- using language that is meaningful to your audience -- you can achieve maximum message effect. The impact of groups can be felt through a powerful personal connection, and this method is often more meaningful than print materials or visual representations. Involvement is a key aspect to the power of group events.

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